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The Ultimate Non-Java NFM Hacking Tutorial/Guide

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The Ultimate Non-Java NFM Hacking Tutorial/Guide

Post by desu senpai on Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:44 am

The Ultimate Non-Java NFM Hacks Tutorial/Guide

Hacking Cars

Basic how-to on making cars

Why make my own when there is an excellent tut here: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Car codes

Code placed by pieces

gr(-10): Highlight
gr(-11): Hide and highlight obscured mirror
gr(-13): Hide
gr(-15): Darken and distort
gr(-18): Electrify
gr(1111111111): Makes the piece transparent
fs(): A piece of code that either makes the piece you apply it to appear in front of the other pieces; fs(-1); or behind the other pieces; fs(1).
gr(30) Same function as fs()
c(10000000000,10000000000,10000000000): Makes the piece Glow-in-the-dark. This can be done to wheels also

Code placed by div()

disp(): Code that makes the car disappear. 90 is the recommended number to use in that code, as it makes the car invisible when you play against it but visible when you use it.
stonecold(): Makes the car look more realistic aka 3D
grounded(): Depending on what number you use this code makes your car disappear behind cars, ramps, and even roads.

Unknown code

This is code I fount when I was haxing the models in NFM. I have no idea yet what it does, so use at your own risk XD


Hacking Tracks

Hacking Models

Hacking Text

Complete walkthrough of editing car names on NFM Single (This should work on NFM 2 also)

Stuff you will need . . .
  • NFM Single
  • Class editor
  • 7 zip or Winrar

Hax it

  1. Navigate to your NFM Single folder. It's usually in C >> Program Files.

  2. Now go to data and select madapps. Right click madapps, select 7-Zip, and then click Open archive.

  3. Now navigate back to the NFM Single folder and position it side by side with the 7-Zip window.

  4. Drag CarDefine.class over to the NFM Single folder. Now exit 7-Zip.

  5. Now open Class editor and open the CarDefine.class your have in your NFM Single folder

  6. Select the tab "Constant Pool" in Class editor. Also tick the "Modify Mode" in the top right corner to "On"

  7. Search for the car that you want to modify, for example, "Radical One". (You must type the name of the car EXACTLY, otherwise Class editor won't find it.

  8. Make sure the "Type" (to the left of the search box) says "Utf8"

  9. Now change"Radical One" in the "Value" box to the name you want instead

  10. Click "Modify". The name you changed it to should replace Radical One in the constant pool

  11. Now go to the top left side and click "Save", then exit Class editor

  12. Navigate back to your NFM Single folder and open madapps in 7-Zip

  13. Drag the CarDefine.class back into 7-zip. If it gives you an error just close out of everything and restart from step 12

Now the modded car name should appear in the game. If you have any problems or suggestions just PM me

Hacking Images

MORE . . . . . . coming soon

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Re: The Ultimate Non-Java NFM Hacking Tutorial/Guide

Post by masheenmaster on Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:22 pm

hmmmm, have you learned how to use blue j? class editor is good, but your limited to the things you can hack

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